A Whim for Corporate Glam

House of Ahmed, a premium clothing designer brand that creates ethnic wear, is at it again by taking corporate attire to new heights. Its “Women in Power” SS19 campaign is the latest endeavor that aims to promote women
empowerment by creating an intricate ethnic women’s working attire line,
incorporating work with a bit of style!
Being a dedicated businesswoman, one oen gets too caught up in the frenzy to pay attention to everyday attire. is a clothing line based on just that is the ticket to a hassle-free work wardrobe.
Troyee Chowdhury from House of Ahmed and Colors’ Tunajina Islam write up a piece of 9 outstanding businesswomen and what they have to say about the SS19 campaign. Among these is Mrs. Tanzila Elma who is the co-founder of House of Ahmed and the mind behind this crusade.

Tanzila Elma
Meet the person, defining HOA superwoman – Mrs. Tanzila Elma. The Co-founder and Proprietor of House of Ahmed, she is a compassionate mother of two and leading the wave when it comes to women empowerment! She has worked as a technical writer for a multi-national software company in her early career and has a very strong background as a pricing and promotional analyst. She is a very critically acclaimed marketing strategist and has expanded and consolidated her back then start-up venture House of Ahmed into now a well-renowned premium ethnic wear label, catering to every demographic and clientele. She is on the verge to take her and her husband’s company and move towards global expansion. Moreover, Mrs. Elma’s philanthropic causes are endless; the dynamic duo’s one of the many plans in the works even includes opening an artisan village where old aged people lacking shelter receive training and skills to become skilled craftsmen. Mrs. Elma says, “The heart of our company is our Bangladeshi heritage and our skilled local artisans and craftsmen that truly bring in the essence of what House of Ahmed is truly about.”

Nirvana Mujhtaba Hossain
Meet our HOA superwoman Nirvana Mujtaba Hossain. She takes on motherhood whilst working as a National Programme Officer at IOM Bangladesh, which is a United Nations non-profit organization dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration. 
During our interview session, she gives us a run-through of her hectic schedule. Not only is she a dedicated mother, but she also looks after the private sector engagement projects for IOM Bangladesh under the UN. Mrs. Nirvana states, “We want to uplift and improve the overall labor supply chain practices, so that’s what we’re working on from my projects, along with looking after international as well as internal migration in Bangladesh.” Her go-to attire is usually more ethnic, depending on her day to day work schedule. At times, she goes for a more formal look such as sarees. However, while wearing our HOA working attire she says, “I love it! I think my favorite detailing is the collar; I’d wear it to proper formal meetings as well.”

Nishat Islam
For our “Women in Power” SS19 campaign, meet the ultimate boss woman, Nishat Islam! Mrs. Nishat is the head of category communication at Grameenphone.
She kick-starts the day on an early note to uphold her usual family duties. She then heads to the gym for an early morning workout before work, dedicated to a healthier lifestyle! Moreover, being the head of category communications at Grameenphone, Mrs. Nishat’s job entails looking after many of 11 products and service portfolios, comprising of data, voice, device, GP STAR and mainly core products that fall under her and her team of three. Her diligent team has obligations to different regions in the country, so they build up multiple campaigns catering to each every month.
With 5 o’clock in the evening being rush hour at work, along with approval and pitch meetings, Mrs. Nishat found the HOA attire she was wearing to be very comfortable and something she could wear to office meetings and presentations. It’s a worry-free look that is suitable throughout the day.

Shehzami Khalil
Up next is, Shezami Khalil, another HOA superwoman who is a Marketing Professional and has been awarded the “Woman Leadership Award 2019” by CMO Asia and Women Leadership Congress. Her schedule is usually very tight and meticulously planned, balancing her work and personal life. Ms Shezami has worked in consumer, healthcare and technology industries. She mentions her love for learning about new industries and challenging herself.

Being a marketing professional means being engaged in press events, agency meetings, and events. Along with that, she notes, “House of Ahmed is perfect for that corporate glam that can be dressed up or dressed down for the occasion! The best part is that you can wear it to work and to events or a casual hangout.”

Farzana Nahid
HOA superwoman includes the beautiful and intelligent Dr. Farzana Nahid! Not only is she a hardworking Assistant Professor at North South University, but she is also a very charming anchor and NTV presenter!
Mrs. Farzana is a mother, a confidante, and mostly, an inspiring working woman. She is a very caring mother to her daughter and a very passionate counselor to many of her students after office hours, which she does out of the goodness of her heart. She is also a dedicated and talented paper publisher, where she researches, collects data and creates intricate articles to be published in various journals. She says, “As a person, I am very fashionable! Being a TV anchor and assistant professor I need to set an example to my pupils and everyone around me when they see me working, so I have to be presentable and classy because I am a presenter myself!”When asked if she would recommend House of Ahmed as a dedicated working attire collection to women she said, “I think everyone has a preferred color and for me, that is white and with this outfit I can attend seminars, go to parties hosted by NTV, and attend birthday parties as well. Moreover, I love working within a budget for every attire and not spend an overload. With House of Ahmed having several various ranges with different prices, the working attire line is very beneficial”.

Sabira Mehrin
Our next HOA superwoman, Sabira Mehrin is the ultimate “Wander Woman”. She is the CEO and founder of Wander Woman, an uprising community exclusively dedicated to female travel enthusiasts from Bangladesh!
She starts her day by chalking out plans and setting the tone for the Wander Woman community. She checks with her team to see if things are on set until she makes it to her office, to her full-time job leading global operations for Base Technologies Limited. After office, she runs meetings with partners and teams for “Wander Woman”, and that’s how she balances her passion and hardworking profession!
This boss woman represented Bangladesh in the USA, France, Hong Kong, and Kenya and won many championships in global competitions along with having received the “Inspiring Women Award” by Bangladesh Brand Forum.
Ms. Sabira’s takeaway with her association with House of Ahmed is: “I loved how comfortable yet stylish the attire was. The details of the design were unique and perfect for women on the go who run from work to social events to family meetup! “She’s featured wearing attires from “On the Go” as well as “Working fancy”

Nabila Nowrin
HOA superwoman Nabila Nowrin is the ultimate go-getter! Leading and cultivating not only one but three businesses. She is a superb architect by profession and a partner at an architectural consultancy founded by her and her best friend, which is currently building a 2 multi-storied residential building in Dhaka, and renovating an old building into a daycare institute. Mrs. Nabila has also co-founded the most popular and youthful co-working space in Dhaka named Moar, situated both in Banani and Dhanmondi. She is also the business head for a furniture manufacturing company: Bohu, which meticulously designs wood-based furniture for urban Bangladesh, focusing on simplicity and class.
As Mrs. Nabila has three businesses to run, she has a very well-planned day, committed to paying attention to all the details – heading to see the functioning of Moar in the morning and then heading to Bohu after lunch. A lot of her work requires her to do plenty of site visits, client visits, and factory work throughout the day, and then returning home around evening means heading to plenty of family dawats (invites)!
Mrs. Nabila ‘s opinion on our women’s working attire series is that “I loved the working attire collection of HOA. It is great to know that I can get an appropriate outfit for work any time I want. I have always struggled to find comfortable office wear that will allow me to work at my factory as well as go straight into a meeting looking ready. I am sure this line will definitely do the trick!”

Nazia Islam
Up next is Nazia Islam, a Human Resources service delivery manager at Unilever Bangladesh! Her many skills include organizational planning and HR strategic planning. Ms. Nazia’s early career experiences such as being a budget controller, HR analyst as well as an HR business partner have made her great at being a fast-paced adapter, ready to take charge in every role, making her an ultimate HOA superwoman. 
She usually leans towards ethnic wear for every kind of outing and luckily she was beaming while wearing the official working attire line from this campaign and definitely thought it radiated comfort and chic!

Sadia Hossain
Sadia Hossain is no ordinary contender! She is a Commercial Finance Manager at British American Tobacco. Her area of expertise includes being experienced in supply chain finance, corporate finance, SAP deployment and internal control monitoring activities. Being such a talented and accomplished person, with a more than often hectic schedule, we loved styling her from our working attire line! Mostly from our range “Working fancy” meant for more corporate parties, seminars and events and from “Office Chic”, which is dedicated for simplicity but with a little bit of a dazzle.
If we were to take advice from anyone about corporate glam, who are better than these stylish women themselves? Undoubtedly, these women agree on one thing, that a busy work life does not mean neglecting your stylishness. Each dress to impress in their own way and support the idea of clothing lines dedicated to working women.Let’s empower through fashion, and take over the scene one heel at a time.

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