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The #5×5 Challenge is another of those challenges you see on social media. Trend-wise, it is no Ice Bucket challenge that gathered public interest like no other did. However, the concept behind it is one we can look at, to give us a glimpse of what kickstarting a journey in sustainable fashion trends can look like. The challenge takes five pieces of clothing from your wardrobe and pairing them five different ways for five days to create five different looks. While some let their spouses pick pieces, others opt for siblings to do the honors, but the main idea behind it remains the same, writes Anisha Hassan.

The idea is not to have five pieces in the wardrobe, nor is it to limit pieces completely, but is to understand that the fast fashion is not necessary, and in a time when the fashion industries’ carbon emissions are beyond concerning; practices like this can be a way out, and just maybe in the long run, we can see sustainable fashion taking lead.

Look at the Basics

When pairing the same things over and over again, basic pieces like the black pant, jeans, striped short or white tee come in handy to be worn in different ways. These act as the base, and sometimes the topping, the outline of the wardrobe if you may. Wearing a shirt over a dress can make it look like skirt, but the same shirt when put underneath can resemble a blouse. All in all, invest in your basics, for they will guide you.

Neutral Color Palettes

Cutting off funky colors is not what we recommend, but for the most part, neutral tones can be your best friend when creating a lot of different combinations. Call them the “outlines” in the color family if you will. Neutrals do not always point to monochrome, a common mistake, but browns, beiges, creams, greys and many more.

Little Tweaks

If the same old shirt or t-shirt starts to bore you, tie a knot at the front to give it a new look. Tying the same knot at the back creates a cinch at the waist, accentuating the structure of the body further. Belts can create strict outlines with any pair of pant. If you want them to stand out, opt for a color different than the pants. Slip dresses are great to wear over t-shirts, and under shirts, and end up looking completely different both times. With a little brainwork, you can surely come up with many more combinations to sport.  

It’s Okay to Splurge

The 5×5Challenge is for everyday wear, when a special occasion pops do not resist a new buy if you must. The occasional splurge is always fun when it is a good investment, and much needed for a little funk in our wardrobe. 

With the world turning to sustainable fashion and shrinking closets in order to achieve that, we must find new and creative ways to upgrade our everyday looks with lesser pieces. And this challenge is a fun way to practice that trend, and maybe eventually it will allow us to limit our closet space for good, without sacrificing the style element of it.

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